This riddle has 31 levels, some easy and some a bit harder. This is our first attempt to make a riddle. If you find it too obscure it's only beacuse we unintentionally added too few hints. It's hard as an author to meassure the level of difficulty. We will try to add extra hints if necessary.

When you think you have the solution to a level, submit it from the answer box. The answer must be written without spaces between words.

A few times along the way you will need to change the web-address, the url. Hopefully, it will be evident to you when that is the case.

Look for clues everywhere!

Some useful sites:

Anagram Solver
Purple Hell
Conversion Tool

PLEASE, don't post answers to any levels in any forums. Hints only! Teamwork is appreciated.

Have a nice time!

-- Edgar and Ellie





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